GFuture | Analyzing Shoppers' Behaviors

Free wi-fi!

for the exchange of data!


Learn the average duration customers stay in your premise


Promote your stores with current promotions.

event / exhibition

Track footfall and collect visitors data.

Why go social?

system is user- friendly.


“Torture the data, and it will confess to anything.”

Ronald Coase - Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences

THE Four MAIN Benefits


Brand Awareness and Education

Promote and educate your customers about your brand and services through place Ad’s upon Wi-Fi registration. That 10-15 second window will enhance your customer’s perspective about your brand!

Customer Satisfaction & Experience

Enhance your customers experience when they visit your retail outlet or establishment through free Wi-Fi services. By allowing them to stay connected, you will be able to bridge the gap for positive customer interactions

Behavioural Analysis

Knowing what is going in the minds of your customers is key to increasing sales and word of mouth referrals. Through a specially created login portal, allow your customers to enjoy unparalleled broadband speeds by signing up using their social media accounts while gathering important social and behavioural ques in the process.

Widen Your Customer Database

Expanding your social and business circle requires a huge amount of connections and potential prospects. With social Wi-Fi, allow the beauty of technology to connect the dots.

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